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[Homage to] HEMINGWAY

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[Homage to] HEMINGWAY

This fragrance is a Homage to the great author Hemingway.

It opens with vibrant notes of Ginger and Rhubarb; It then develops balancing three different versions of vetiver: Vetiver from Haiti, woody, dry and spicy, with a slight bitterness in the opening, which perfectly marries the rhubarb note. Vetiver from Java is dirtier, with smoky tones and leathery facets. Vetiver Heart* is a fantastic material, worked so to give a clean and dry vetiver note without the earthy part.

Interpreted by FANNY BAL
Head Notes
Ginger oil fresh LMR, Rhubarb
Heart Notes
Vetiver heart LMR
Base Notes
Vetiver oil Haiti LMR, Vetiver oil Java Molecular Distillation LMR, Cedar wood oil, Patchouli oil Molecular Distillation LMR, Leather