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Cedarwood Eucalyptus Cold Processed Soap

Luxy Lady Real Soap

As fresh and emotive as forest-fresh air on a camping trip, this natural bar is also a good choice for any adventurous man! To ensure the longevity of your bar, please store your soap in dry environment. Always place your soap in a wire soap dish and do not allow to sit in moist shower for an extended period of time. Popped into a dresser drawer or linen closet, it leaves a lovely scent.

Luxy Lady Real Soap is sold in individual packages - carefully packed and labeled. Ingredients: Avocado Oil - Loaded with vitamins A, B and D and E, avocado oil gives a softness to a bar of soap. Cocoa Butter - With a subtle hint of chocolate aromas, cocoa butter creates a thin protective barrier which helps protect your skin from moisture loss. Hemp Oil - High in unsaturated fatty acids, hemp oil moisturizes and contributes to large fluffy bubbles. Coconut Oil - A solid bar of soap with high cleansing properties is a natural benefit of coconut oil. Palm Oil - For a nice sheen and a creamy lather, I blend palm oil into the soap. Shea Butter - From the nut of a tree found in Africa and known as ‘skin’s best friend,’ shea butter has been found to be a superb moisturizer, and has exceptional healing properties for the skin. Sweet Almond Oil - Antioxidant-rich light oil high in vitamin E, sweet almond oil also adds to the conditioning and moisturizing properties of soap. Essential Oils - Adding not only natural fragrance but also therapeutic benefits to soap, essential oils originate from plant-based materials such as leaves, bark, twigs, flowers, and peels. French Green Clay - (natural colorant) - While absorbing and removing impurities from your skin, french green clay also helps stimulate blood flow, creating healthy glowing skin.

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