Parfums Quartana

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Bloodflower Perfume, 50mL

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"Look at my blood flowers, because I write with a serene sharp blade that soothes as much as cuts into the deepest parts of my soul" 
— Basith


Licorice, Anise, Blood Accord, Clover, Orris, Dark Rose, Amber, Patchouli

@18% Eau de Parfum

COMMENTARY:While used as a poison in Brazil, Bloodflower’s key feature is its role in the transformation of the Monarch Caterpillar into the majestic Monarch Butterfly, so emphasis was placed on the fragrance transforming in front of one’s nose. Given the name, we wished to attain ahaute-Gothexperience by adding blood accord, but sweetening it up through the addition of black Sambuca, a dessert liquor; the result hints at the vampirish. The fragrance is also imbued with rose for dark romance and various spices for passion.


Created by Joseph Quartana, founder of both Six Scents Parfums and the former cutting-edge fashion boutique Seven New York, PARFUMS QUARTANA is a new premium fragrance line within the Six Scents umbrella exploring singular themes through a series of prestigious limited-edition scents. The brand is the culmination of Joseph Quartana’s unique vision, produced in small batches using the finest ingredients and precious oils.  

Parfums Quartana
Alexandra Carlin 
Series:  Les Potions Fatales 
Release Date:  July 2016