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Your tattoos tell your story, your dreams and your protests... Your skin is clean, but not blank. Eau de Cologne does not erase black water. In a strum, Bergamot succumbs to Black Pepper. Cistus excites the top notes. Cardamom and an Aqueous Notes float away and indelible ink warms the skin with Saffron notes that stay. Resins and Suderal bleed over the heart. Castoreum structures the skeleton, deeply imprinting it with its animal fascination. A tribal scent, a mental decal.

“Tattooing is an ancient practice that originally signed the membership of a tribal, religious group or was used to indelibly mark slaves and prisoners. In the 19th century, the convicts called “ Bagnards “ in France showed ink stigma very meaningful, making their bodies a veritable identity card. Even though it has now become a lifestyle, tattoos remain very personal and tell the story of someone by connecting to a memory. This precious moment of the past becomes extended to lifetime thanks to ink. Atramental is an unusual fragrance that evokes the unique scent of tattooed skin”. Dr. Mike

Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Cistus, Aquatic Notes
Heart Notes: Cardamom, Black pepper
Base Notes: Resins, Saffron, Suderal, Castoreum

Perfumer: Anne-Sophie Behaghel

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