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Arcanum Perfume

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Notes:  Musk, Raisins, Myrrh

noun. mysterious or specialized knowledge, language, or information

Arcanum is the eyes of age shining through a youthful smile, resonating deep and low. Ambrette is the nameless guide, cistus is the familiar unknown, spikenard is the dreamless sleep. Myrrh and birch tar are the limitless depths across the event horizon. Was the revelation at the end of the journey, or was it inside all along? After the depth of ages, heaviness, and dust, helichrysum is the light, immortelle, living on forever.   

Ingredients:  Ambrette Seed, Birch Tar, Virginia Cedar, Cistus, Coffee, Helichrysum, Myrrh, Peru Balsam, Spikenard, Tobacco, Tolu Balsam