Our Team
  • Growth hacker & Agent of Change with 10+ years in 360º global niche fragrance as Olfactory Artist, Curator, Agent, and Buyer for top independent brands;
  • Over 2 decades of success in product and immersive brand experience design for Fortune 500 companies;
  • Leading trends and social media expert (@GoDolceVita) with proven track records in global marketing, UXD, PR, retail via innovative and strategic activations.

  • Award-winning agency by William Harris, Kristina O’Neal, Adam Farmerie, and Greg Bradshaw with 20+ years of experience in hospitality concept and design;
  • Globally acclaimed thought leaders of branding, programming, product, environment, and furniture design with offices in NY, SF, London, & Bangkok;
  • Board Members of Hospitality Design Magazine and the James Beard Foundation.

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