Botana RX

Botana RX is a line of functional productsrooted in the science and holistic modalities of traditional botanical medicine. Our plant-based products undergo meticulous R&D and are potent blends that elevate one’s everyday wellness for the mind, body, and soul.

Explore the world and revere in its bounty with us! Inspired by Eastern and Western botany, we have gathered, harmonized, and infused the power of plants to empower, activate, and protect us for ultra-wellbeing, joy, and timeless performance.

Follow Botana RX on Instagram for stories of ancient rituals, farm-to-bottle ingredients, and universal inspirations. Meet the farmers, distillers, scientists and experts to empower your reach for peace, energy, protection, sensuality, and healing on demand.

Wellness from earth.
+ Micro-Batched + Cruelty-Free + Gender-Free + All Natural + Multi-Sensorial + Refillable + Sustainable in the Production and Sourcing of All Materials by Design

Elixirs of Desire

Fragrances have the power to ignite desire. Inspired by colors and vibrations, Élisire parfums are seductive, irresistible, luscious, and profound.

Discover this collection of gender-fluid, cruelty-free and elegant spectrum of aromas by the creator behind iconic perfumes like Flower Bomb.

Meet The World's Most Luxurious Natural Perfume

Masque Milano

Life is theatre, expressed in four acts through scents. Masque Milano is a collection of artistic perfumes from Milan.

"Perfumes to wear like a second skin … the perfume behind the mask. Is there an actor able to relate to every possible role with conviction? A musician able to play every single musical style with authenticity? The fragrances of Masque Milano are to be created with a soul, and the nose’s appointment is to give life to our scene."


"Go back, TO GO FORWARD..."

Luigi Borrelli has made the history of Neapolitan tailoring about its people, passion and promise. From a place where the needle and thread entwine, simple, timeless moments are woven with small-batched artisan scents to offer ultra-sensual, yet effortless luxury to all.


Inhale and connect to your emotions.
Emotions meets scents.
Let each fragrance awaken your senses.

Founded by a French female perfumer with many years in Penhaligon's and L'Artisan Parfumeur, "Anima Vinci is a creative expression and a reflection of a belief in the true power of fragrance, how our senses can have such a positive effect on our hearts, minds, and spirits."


Rooted in Italy, a land of great artistic traditions, Nobile 1942 proudly stands all over the world with a sense of curiosity about other customs, lifestyles, and cultures.

The Nobile name grew synonymous with luxury fragrances as the family pursues its lifelong vision as a master of scents. Over time, the Nobile family sought inspiration in products and quality standards throughout the globe, while keeping in touch with the Italian tradition of expert craftsmanship.


This luxurious collection of eau de parfums features stories of scents from a fantasy perspective of a floating feather. Plume Impression offers scents from beautiful memories that want to be treasured.
Explore the world with small-batched, hand-crafted perfumes by some of the most celebrated living Perfumers.


Malbrum is an artisan fragrance house created in Oslo. An intimate universe that combines wild instinct and elegance for ultra charismatic handcrafted perfume extracts. Creative Director Kristian Malbrum expresses his unique Nordic style through French Perfumer Delphine Thierry's classically trained (Grasse, France) techniques and superior nose to leverage exceptional materials via two volumes.


L'Arc's exquisite craftsmanship is reflected in its meticulous attention to detail, especially when it comes to the design of the elegant bottles and its complex, unforgettable fragrances.


"Entirely handcrafted in Grasse, France, the world perfume capital, our fragrances pay tribute to the elegance, heritage and unique savoir-faire of French perfumery. Our exclusive creations celebrate the flowers traditionally harvested right here in our hometown."

Villa des Parfums is a unique, elegant and luxurious fragrance brand that changes lives around the world by addressing injustices and providing educational opportunities to marginalized kids and those in need.

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