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One of a Kind by Majouri Eau de Parfum 75ml

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Woody, Aromatic

One of a Kind pays tribute to the individuality and originality of each man through its unique and refined trail. A composition between woody and aromatic, in which fresh and generous lavender blends with ginger, violet and sage. Sandalwood and vetiver as base notes reveal the power and masculinity of the fragrance.    

The Mood:
With an unapologetic personality and an open mind, this is a scent with a sharp, aromatic character. 

The Moment:
When elegance is second nature. Authentic and simply evident.

The Meaning:
ONE OF A KIND pays tribute to the elegance and intelligence in knowing oneself. And not apologizing for it. As Oscar Wilde said, “A gentleman is one who never hurts anyone’s feelings, unintentionally.”

When fresh and generous lavender blends with ginger and sage, the harder woody angles of sandalwood and vetiver give foundation to power and masculinity: individual and original, exactly as one feels it, precisely ONE OF A KIND. 

Majouri is a French luxury brand that offers experiential and high-end perfumes. Founded in 2017 by Hadi Masmoum, it reflects his Damascene roots and memories in fragrances with a unique style and multiple facets.