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Good Vibes

  •  Brooklyn Eau de Parfum Gallivant Perfumarie

    Brooklyn Eau de Parfum


    It’s a musky citrus fragrance. A fresh, spicy, fizzy head, with notes of bergamot, squeezed lemon and orange juice. Incense, cardamom, ozonic note...

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  •  L'Homme Ideal EDT SPRAY Guerlain Perfumarie

    L'Homme Ideal EDT SPRAY


    Notes of Bitter Orange, Orange Blossom, Rosemary, Citruses, Tonka Bean, Almond, Vetiver, Cedar, & Leather.

  •  Lily Chérie Kabeah Paris Perfumarie
    Kabeah Paris

    Lily Chérie


    Honeysuckle - Intoxicating Freshness and Fruits The soft and cooling combination of geranium with lily of the valley and galbanum captures the fe...

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  •  London Eau de Parfum Gallivant Perfumarie

    London Eau de Parfum


    It’s a floral leather fragrance. With a watery green head, of cucumber and violet leaves. A floral heart, with Rose de Mai Absolute, rose oil, and...

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  •  Los Angeles Eau De Parfum Gallivant Perfumarie

    Los Angeles Eau De Parfum


     The 2020 winner of Best Niche Fragrance at the Pure Beauty Global Awards. "A subtle triumph," says award-winning critic Persolaise, in his 'Best P...

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  •  Nordic + Wellness Vitamin C Soap Swedish Dream Perfumarie
    Swedish Dream

    Nordic + Wellness Vitamin C Soap

    Original Price $12.00
    Current Price $10.00

    Nordic+Wellness combines a unique, Arctic blend of powerful ingredients extracted from wild berries, plants, herbs & flowers. These restorativ...

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  •  Roberts Rose Water Manetti & Roberts Perfumarie
    Sold out
    Manetti & Roberts

    Roberts Rose Water

    Original Price $14.00
    Current Price $11.00

    In 1867, Italian herbalist (Henry Roberts) created an unmistakable rose tonic that Florentine women could not be without. Made with pure, distille...

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  •  Soleil de Capri Montale Perfumarie

    Soleil de Capri

    from $12.00

    Soleil de Capri’s mouth-watering grapefruit, kumquat and citrus all tumble together over a bright, blooming bouquet of white flowers. Its bright s...

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  •  Sundrunk 50mL Imaginary Authors Perfumarie
    Sold out
    Imaginary Authors

    Sundrunk 50mL


    When Clementine Cope set foot in snow deeper than her knees, she knew it was for the last time. Leaving the rural Montana home she’d been raised in...

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  •  Tahoe Perfumarie Perfumarie


    from $61.00

    Campfire flames kiss the nightStars in distant skies blaze brightGhost story whispers all affrightRustling sounds just out of sight~Terri Guillem...

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