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Good Vibes

  •  7 & 7 Aromafuse Plant Therapy Perfumarie
    Plant Therapy

    7 & 7 Aromafuse

    from $80.00

    This 7 & 7 Set is Plant Therapy's most popular set! It features their top 7 single oils, their top 7 synergies, and the Aromafuse Diffuser in ...

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  •  Aoud Lime Montale Perfumarie

    Aoud Lime

    from $12.00

    The sensuality of a very precious Aoud from the mountains of Pakistan, freshened with notes of Indian Roses and Italian Iris, on an Amber, Patchoul...

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  •  CREED ASIAN GREEN TEA Creed Perfumarie


    Original Price $421.00
    Current Price $414.00

    Born from Olivier’s appreciation of the alluring art and culture of the Far East, Asian Green Tea opens with green and golden notes evoking the l...

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  •  Happy Collagen The Happy Co. Perfumarie
    The Happy Co.

    Happy Collagen


    Physiologically, you reach your peak at age 25. 25? But don’t worry, Happy Collagen has our Triple Peptide Complex which may help to prevent colla...

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  •  Murmure d'√©t√© Perfume Plume Impression Perfumarie
    Plume Impression

    Murmure d'été Perfume

    from $11.00

    ELUSIVE SPIRIT / Murmure d'été The morning mist slowly lifts its wings off the ground. First rays of sunshine gently warming up the coast. Fra...

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  •  OR/18 Perfume by David Apel A.N Other Perfumarie
    A.N Other

    OR/18 Perfume by David Apel

    from $12.00

    A dreamy blend of the exotic and the familiar. This exceptional perfume with a driftwood base uses little tones of sweetness ‚Äď a bit of vanilla, ...

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  •  Original Vetiver Creed Perfumarie

    Original Vetiver


    True to its name, Original Vetiver dramatically reinvents the traditional vetiver scent. Before Original Vetiver, only one part of the ...

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  •  Soleil de Capri Montale Perfumarie

    Soleil de Capri

    from $12.00

    Soleil de Capri’s mouth-watering grapefruit, kumquat and citrus all tumble together over a bright, blooming bouquet of white flowers. Its bright s...

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  •  Tatine - The Cost Road Candle Tatine Perfumarie

    Tatine - The Cost Road Candle

    from $34.00

    It comes rolling down‚Ā£‚Ā£‚Ķ¬† A wafting sillage of orange blossoms and lime, stirring sexy chemical messengers, sending an invitation to touch a warm ...

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