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The Zoo Discovery Kit #2

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5ml each of Louis (W), Rhubarb My Love, Club Design, No Perfume, Vetyver Rain Skin


 Louis (W)

Dream “Under the skin, we are kin” - *Carl Safina*

Scent A pleasant watery “masculine” freshness with superfluid cardamom supported by only a touch of clove, cumin and orange flower. Sheer white musks and heaps of French sage softened with 1.8% (that's a lot!!) of 100% pure orris concrete. To top it off, a dash of fir balsam, clear galbanum and a sprinkle of American absinthe.

Twist This fragrance comes in two similar yet different labels; one dark and the other light. We want to emphasize that all human beings, regardless of our skin colour, have souls of the same value and worth inside. 



Rhubarb My Love

Dream "Fresh rhubarb and patience can work wonders." Get ready to start something new.

Scent Rhubarb My Love, a name that says it all. Nothing else.

Twist No twist here. Enjoy.


Dream “You are not in a club any longer, but still imbued by its emotions. Keep on carrying the feeling of being on a mission”

Club Design 
Scent Soft leather and sexy musks join forces to recreate the special atmosphere of a sexy lounge. Atlas cedar increases mystery, molecular sandalwood and the smokiness from lilies and styrax accentuate sensuality. The leather note comes from a headspace analysis of new Spanish leather combined with the natural leathery smell of mimosa extracts. A sliver of bright notes found in blackcurrant and grapefruit lights up the top of the fragrance.

Twist 1 This is the exact same fragrance as SCENT TATTOO 692, just presented under different concept and label. You will feel they are different and will prefer one!

Twist 2 Sold as a clothing spray as opposed to a skin fragrance, because it exceeds somewhat the upper recommended limit for skin use for safranal and coumarin.

{ Garment Fragrance }

No Perfume

Wood Leather Smoke Incognito

Dream What you wear to places that forbid perfumes or when you don’t feel like smelling perfume-y but still enjoy smells. In other words: this is not a perfume - it is the smell of wood, leather and smoke. Period.

Scent NO PERFUME was created for those places, bars and opportunities where a fresh outdoor cologne or a perfume-y fragrance is banned or constitutes a big no-no and would break the atmosphere. Or just for when you’re in a smoky, woody, leathery mood.

Twist NO PERFUME is banned in Canada by Canadian law. If you provide a Canadian delivery address, your purchase will not ship and will be reimbursed.

“No Perfume” contains a natural molecule found also in jasmine, horses and beavers called a cresol. Cresols smell leathery. We, The Zoo, do not extract from horses or beavers. Our cresols are not extracted from jasmine either - you could not afford this perfume. They are made in the laboratory. Yet cresols are forbidden in Canada by some weird twist of their laws. Note that Canada allows dead beaver extracts in its perfumes, as well as jasmine extracts. We love Canada and have had a lot of love in and from Canada. However, the Canadians are at times not very rational with all things perfume and smells.


Vetyver Rain Skin

Dream The dewy rainforest, the red abstract volcanic soil with a ray of sunshine

Scent At the heart of this composition are three varieties of vetiver, combined with soft sensual sandalwood notes and violet leaf extract. Uplifting marine notes and a touch of grapefruit and natural orange flower absolute add optimism and brightness when combined with the energy of the bergamot top. A ball of green freshness after the rain plays with natural green leaf extract from Violets grown in Egypt, as French sage and labdanum vapors of organic woodiness, wrap the fragrance with a transparent veil of molecular musks and moss.

Twist Vetiver is a grass growing on active or dormant volcano slopes in Java, La Reunion and in Haiti. It can grow as fast as 1-2 inches/ day (2.5 to 5cm/day). The profusions roots, a nightmare to dig out, are extracted. No good synthetic are available for reconstitutions. By using real natural Vetiver you help 100,000 small farmers around the world and their families.