"SHE-Y is an Italian luxury brand that uses the highest grade of Shea Butter from Ghana to create unique all natural products. The respect for nature, quality and artisanal processing play a major role in our philosophy. What sets us apart from other companies is our integrity and commitment to our values."

SHE-Y features high-quality Grade A Shea Butter from Ghana and other rich ingredients produced in the best laboratories in Italy.

“My love and respect for Shea Butter stem from childhood. My mother always kept a tub of butter in our home- it was the solution to every problem! As I traveled the world modeling, I carried Shea Butter with me because of this. Over the years I’ve picked up some other natural ingredients that have only enhanced what Shea Butter does for me in my daily skincare routine. I want to share the secret for my flawless and ageless skin with you...” shared Founder Menaye Donkor.

In the creation of our products, we take into consideration the daily struggles of the women who are unable to provide the most basic necessities for their children. Our goal is to empower these women by creating more job opportunities in Shea Butter production. This will enable them to make livable wages for their families. In addition, to creating job opportunities, a percentage of sales profits will be used to build new schools through the Menaye Charity Organisation to educate their children.