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L'Homme Ideal Cologne

Guerlain decodes men’s aspirations and creates for them a concentrate of ideal.
The ideal cologne? It has the energy of citrus, the charm of fresh, masculine almond and the classic loyalty of a musk and vetiver blend. Three elements which will turn you into the ideal man: sought-out and much-coveted. 
The ideal bottle? 
Woody citrus
Guerlain’s masculine almond is a new arrangement orchestrated around three accords: 
  • The energy of a sparkling top note, fresh and lively with grapefruit, orange and bergamot. 
  • The charm of a middle note that skillfully combines fresh almond and neroli. 
  • The classic loyalty of an enveloping base note, swathed in the softness of white musks blended with the strength of Indian vetiver.
Masculine, luxurious, distinguished. The box, with its bold twist of vibrant blue, comes equipped with a flash code that invites you into a digital universe. The bottle’s luminous matte white lacquer emphasizes the purity of its minimalist design. The heavy cap, also in matte white, is resolutely masculine, its design recalling the world of watchmaking with a nod to the form of a classic winder.
L’Homme Ideal Cologne was conceived as an unusual marriage of two contrasting notes: Indian Vetiver and fresh almond. The vividness of Vetiver - fresh and woody, lively and heady - is enhanced and intensified by almond, the olfactory emblem of L’Homme Ideal. A harmonious and bold alliance that combines the raw ingredients of Guerlain’s heritage into a resolutely fresh and modern perfume.