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Courvoisier L'Edition Imperiale

Courvoisier L’edition Imperiale is a woody-oriental fragrance that was launched in 2006 by Courvoisier. It was developed in collaboration with Kraft International Marketing Company.

The nose of this fragrance is Alexis Dadier. This fragrance has top notes of mandarin, cardamom, tagette, and coriander. Its middle notes consist of tea, Atlas cedar wood, royal calla lily, and violet. Its base notes feature vetiver, fir balsam, leather, and warm amber. This fragrance is targeted to ambitious and determined men. This is a long-lasting cologne.

Courvoiser is a brand of cognac. It was originally launched in Paris in 1809 by Emmanuel Courvoisier and Mayor of Bercy, Louis Gallois. While the founders began by trading the best cognacs in the region, they decided to relocate and produce it themselves to ensure that they were selling the finest products. The crafting process has not changed since it began over 200 years ago. It launched its Courvoisier L’edition Imperiale fragrance in October 2006.