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VICUNA WOOL Eau de Parfum

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VICUNA WOOL by Luigi Borrelli is a Chypre fragrance consecrated to vetiver - one of the most popular perfume ingredients used in modern perfumery. Perfumers often say that vetiver brings to a composition not only elegant touch, but also intellect, and it's addressed to those who prefer calm and noble woody smells.

VICUNA WOOL appreciates the traditional combination of vetiver and a citrusy accord with Italian bergamot in its core. Black pepper underlined with tangy elem resin brings harmony and certain opaqueness to the composition, and merges later into classical Chypre accord of oak moss, patchouli and amber.

Combined with a note of bitter leather, this fragrance delivers a tactile feeling of touching a fine sweater made of natural wool as if it's been added the finest vetiver fiber.

VICUNA WOOL is an ode to elegance and cosiness incarnated in a rare and luxurious fabric.