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Bon Parfumeur

Bon Parfumeur

Bon Parfumeur was born from the desire to revive the beautiful perfumery of yesteryear, the artistic perfumery, in a resolutely contemporary and creative way.

Ludovic has a colorful olfactory path that he draws line by line. He successively wore Jicky by Guerlain or Vetiver by Carven as a teenager (and almost all vetivers afterward), Habit Rouge or Pour un Homme by Caron. Then, he enthusiastically discovered the new, more confidential houses. Houses that practice, then, a real return to the roots of perfumery, by putting the fragrance back at the center of their products. Over time and his travels, Ludovic Bonneton plays with his collection of perfumes, takes pleasure in wearing them, and works them according to his mood, or even the weather. 

Bon Parfumeur is a traditional perfumery, made in France with exceptional ingredients. An arty and chaotic perfumery, where everyone is free to test, mix or collect their fragrances. Today, Bon Parfumeur offers a range of 27 eaux de parfums created by eleven talented French perfumers and divided into ten olfactory categories. Unique, unisex fragrances that can be combined with each other thanks to the Mix&Match. 

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