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No. 3: Biker's Brew Beard Balm

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B.A.B.E of Brooklyn stands for beard and balm essentials. They believe in using only the finest organic materials to provide the most natural care for beards.

The final installment to the beard hydration line is called (Biker's Brew). Cultivated for fuller beards.  Designed for the sophisticated edgy gentlemen who have been asking for more as it relates to sensory stimulation. While the main focus has not been scent-based, based on the fact we only use natural and organic ingredients, the BABE team took a step back and realized they needed to continue to listen to their growing client base and give them what they have asking for.

  • Shea butter and American Jojoba infuse themselves into your hair and skin to seal in moisture and soften cuticles.
  • Avocado, Argon and Mango Butter infused with Rum and Vanilla create a leathery scent, (essential oils). Organic Hempseed and Beeswax. 


Creamier texture and hold.  Amazing finish, styling, moisturizer, hydrates, notes.  Formulated to keep the skin/facial hair healthy. Additional uses: hair/hands/body.  Our balms are handcrafted and designed to dissolve rapidly making for smooth application and no excess.  Eco-friendly.          

Packaging/Integrity:  Cooling process, tin-container and water-proof seals on branding. We choose tin based on it being the safest way to ensure sunlight which can impact the quality of organic based products.    


American Jojoba, Distilled Cedarwood, Un-refined Shea Butter with Organic Hempseed, organic and botanical plant extract.