Camp EDP


An extravagance of woodland delights. Awoke in splendid Japanese cypress and honeysuckle, resting on a bed of green clover and wild sage and daydreaming in the radiant sunlight of amber and oakmoss. Ostentatious, deeply expressive

  • Top / hinoki wood / linden blossom absolute / nagarmotha / neroli / clover accord
  • Heart / Virginia cedarwood / texas cedarwood / wildcrafted opopanax / sage
  • Base / amber / oakmoss accord / clary sage / Amyris / earth accord 

A play on words referencing to the great tradition of the style of 'camp' because it includes an over-the-top amount of wood notes and green notes. 

Unique Ingredients:

Hinoki wood - Essential Oil prized timber from Japan used to build temples and shrines has a unique dry cedar note with an alpine edge. 

Linden Blossom - An absolute so full of juicy blossom petals the diluted oil has to be filtered before use. Imparts a honeysuckle background scent.

Ingredients of note:

Bulgarian Linden blossom, clary sage and dalmatian sage, wildcrafted opopanax, two kinds of cedarwood from Virginia and Texas, Japanese hinoki wood, a sparkling amber, and oak moss base. 

A unisex eau de parfum.

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