What is NOISE art? Meet Street Artist FUNQEST

What is NOISE art? Meet Street Artist FUNQEST

On December 4th, 2019 during Urban Lights LET IT BE LIGHT kick-off and launch reception, Perfumarie will introduce New York City street artist FUNQEST during a collaborative live drawing event. Guests in attendance will have the opportunity to share their stories and commission an art edition from FUNQEST in the form of a unique 1 of 1 candle. 

FUNQEST was born and raised in Japan where he was inspired by anime and manga which drove him into the art scene. He is a pop, street and mural artist based in New York as well as paints on the wall in Mexico. 

FUNQEST uses mostly acrylic paints, sprays, and Pens on canvas. He designs on paper whatever comes up with his head at the café and his studio and translates it to the canvas. His arts mostly display at the galleries, cafés, pop up shows around the U.S.A. and other countries as well.

Artist Statement

"From his time in New York City, observed that people are often manipulated by this the media, social networks and, generally, a massive amount of information.

From this point of view, I translate my perspective into my current art style with the multiple vivid colors and lines which I call "NOISE" art.

In addition to the style, "Mr. No Limit" is often featured. He is my imaginary hero!

Mr. No Limits rescues and saves people... anyone who needs help... to inspire a more beautiful and peaceful world."

Intriguing, isn't it? We sat down and asked more:

Where are you from?

Where do you live now?
"East Harlem NYC."

Describe your "American Dream"?
"A term drives people energetically to take action to make dreams come true."

What inspires you?
"I was inspired by anime and manga which got me into the art scene."

What does it mean for you to light a candle?
"A sense of Inner Peace."

Which candle would you pick and why?
"125th Street because I've been living in Harlem and painting on murals around the area. Also, I'm inspired by the people on the street as well as the American black culture."

Can you share a memorable NYC MTA/Subway moment with us? 
"NYC subway scents are unique and evocative since NYC is diverse and energetic culturally. I especially feel and smell when I come back from other countries."

Do you have a message to share with the world?


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